2017 Presentations

Gwyneth Dean-Witte and Missy Slaathaug: Blazing a Trail- Small Districts

Small Schools Break-out Session: Resources from EL Teachers

Sarah Stokke's Googleslide Presentation

Clara Hart: Refugee Congress

Luis Oviedo & Kerri Whipple: Translating ELL Strategies to the Gen Ed Classroom

Elke Kuegle & Dr. Kristin Kuchenbecker: Differentiated Summative Assessments

Aaron and Kathy Dang: Mindfulness Strategies for Teachers and Students

Leah Nelson: Writing to Learn

Kerri Whipple: MTSS Considerations for EL's

                        3 Key Roles


Terri Bissonette/McREL: Module 6

                                       Module 7

                                       Module 8

                                       Module 9


Amy VanderLugt: Color Strips for Verb Tenses (labeled)

Color Strips for Verb Tenses (non-labeled)

Questions in English- Edited

Questions in English- color

Questions in English- no color

John Fouberg: Mainstream Culture and the Classroom

Casey Elder & Andraya Peterson: Speaking for Beginners

Anna Brokenleg Keller: Involving Native American Youth in School Communites

Bobbie Kilber: Instructional Strategies...Students with Content Gaps