Resources for Online EL Teaching

•Family Cooking Show Video & Recipes

(Adobe Spark/ Google Docs)


•Romeo & Juliet Create Your Own Movie

(Movie Maker, Video, Online cartoons )


•Global Goals Persuasive Essays/Speeches

(Google Docs with Mote extension for chrome- voice message! Flipgrid for speeches )

•Interview a family member

(Flipgrid presentation)

•Career Unit 

FIND YOUR GRIND online course

   -Find Your Grind online future /career guide

  -Zoom interviews with professionals around the world

               (Zambia, India, US)

  (Example and Google doc of questions students ask during online interview. I also give the questions to the speaker before the class)

Online Penpals


Quick Lesson Ideas

All student and parent permissions have been granted to use student content

Quick Online SEL & ART lessons for Elementary by Ohio's

Teacher of the Year

More Resources

•QR Codes on Worksheets lead to online video help



•Flipsnack- ebook maker



•Virtual Fieldtrips

•Flipgrid- video recoding classroom- up to 10 mins now!

•Kahoot- online quizzes

•Kahn Academy- Language Arts, Math, Science, etc.

•Indoor Recess

•Dream Box (math)

•Abcya/ Brain Pop


-MOTE- an voice message extension for Google Docs

- National Geographic 

-WACKY MATH HOUR- Alex Kajitani

- QUIZZIZ- make & assign quizzes to your google classroom!

•Arkansas- Partnered with PBS and broadcasts lessons for K-2nd graders. A learning packet sent to all students

•Class Tag- Translates messages into 50 different languages

Cult of Pedagogy (Website/blog)  - (@cultofpedagogy - Jennifer Gonzalez)

•Tons of resources for teaching

AJ Juliani (Website/blog) - (@ajjuliani - AJ Juliani)

•Lots of PBL resources

The Principal of Change (Blog) - (@gcouros - George Couros) - Growth Mindset & Innovation

Ditch That Textbook (Blog) - (@jmattmiller - Matt Miller)  - Practical Teaching Ideas

An Educator’s resource for Distance Learning, Remote Learning and eLearning.

50 elearning activities, templates and tutorials

Monica Burns (Website/blog) - (@classtechtips - Monica Burns) - EdTech Blog and Tools for Educators

•Richard Byrne - (@rmbyrne - Richard Byrne) - Educational Technology

•Websites/blog - Ed Tech Fitness      Practical Ed Tech      Free Tech 4 Teachers