University of North Dakota

·Master of Education (MEd) in English Language Learner (ELL) Education – 35 credits

·Certificate in English Language Learner (ELL) Education – 20 credits

·In-state tuition regardless of state of residency

For more information, see UND Graduate webpages:


Masters program:http://distance.und.edu/degree/?id=medelled


Certificate program:http://www.distance.und.edu/degree/?id=certelled


or contact Program Director, Jill Shafer at jill.shafer@und.edu or

(701) 777-6315


Anyone interested in graduate work in ESL/TESOL has three options at the University of South Dakota.

Option One is the MA in English: TESOL Track degree.  This is first and foremost an English degree with a special emphasis in TESOL.  The degree requires graduate hours in literature and/or writing with a block of courses specifically related to TESOL concerns.  Persons completing this degree are qualified to teach a variety of composition and literature courses in addition to TESOL courses at the community college or private college level.

Option Two is the MA in Education or the EdD in Education with a focus on ESL/TESOL.  The School of Education offers the MA and the EdD in Educational Administration/Adult & Higher Education.  While the primary focus of the degree is higher education practices and policies, a focus in TESOL is possible, with a dissertation in TESOL for EdD candidates.

Option Three is the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies.  With this option, the student applies to the graduate school for admission after finding a core group of faculty to facilitate study in the desired focus area: ESL/TESOL.  The student then selects specific courses essential to his or her focus and meets agreed upon requirements.

USD has had any number of students graduate from the above programs.  Some graduates are teaching abroad, others are teaching in the US or pursuing further advanced degrees.

Persons interested in Option One may contact Dr. Dennis Sjolie, Coordinator of ESL, at dsjolie@usd.edu, or Dr. John Dudley, graduate advisor, at jdudley@usd.edu.

Persons interested in Option Two may contact Dr. Larry Bright, Professor of Education, at Larry.Bright@usd.edu.

Persons interested in Option Three may contact the Graduate School at USD via www.usd.edu